Tsingtao and Double Diamond

Tsingtao Beer “Jackie Chan”
Movie Tie-In

Objective:​ Increase brand awareness and drive trial

Strategy:​ Partner with a popular Asian entertainment property to extend brand credibility and appeal for the #1 imported Chinese beer

Tsingtao, the #1 imported Chinese beer and Jackie Chan, the #1 Asian actor, were perfect partners for the release of the Super Cop movie. With Tsingtao product placement in the movie/trailer as well as Jackie’s name and image on Tsingtao signage, the brand capitalized on this popular property and borrowed equity to broaden reach, gain awareness and drive sales.

Double Diamond “Search For The Holy Ale” Promotion

Objective:​ Increase brand awareness and drive trial

Strategy: ​Create a proprietary message that solidifies the brand’s heritage as an appealing English ale

Double Diamond is not necessarily a household name, but that doesn’t mean Pinnacle couldn’t use our branding and marketing expertise to help make it one. We developed an innovative, memorable theme, “In search of the holy ALE”, and combined it with an eye-catching “knight” graphic, to reinforce the brand’s personality and create consumer curiosity, intrigue and purchase like “Knight” and day