St. Pauli Girl

St. Pauli Girl “OktoBEERfest” Campaign

Objective:​ Generate trial/impulse sales and multiple purchases during the key Oktoberfest period

Strategy:​ Make St. Pauli Girl THE CHOICE for category consumers

St. Pauli Girl is the #1 imported German Beer, but faces growing competition from other German beers and imports for the critical Oktoberfest sales season. Pinnacle decided that St. Pauli Girl is truly the only brand that could put the beer in Oktoberfest…and thus, the OktoBEERfest event platform was born. This branded message reinforced that St. Pauli Girl truly is the genuine authority and only real choice for this festive occasion.

St. Pauli Girl “Fantasy Photoshoot” Promotion

Objective:​ Increase brand visibility and generate trial/impulse purchases

Strategy: ​Develop a strategic partnership to add borrowed equity and expand audience reach

The St. Pauli Girl spokeswoman and her official poster have been true icons of the brand for decades. Becoming the official St. Pauli Girl model is a big thrill, but Pinnacle identified a big opportunity to extend that thrill to lucky consumers. We partnered with Maxim magazine to offer winning consumers a VIP trip to attend the exclusive model Fantasy Photoshoot in Los Angeles. Truly a “model” promotion that delivered higher levels of brand excitement and sales